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At TSD we use Fairlight’s Xynergi Media Production Centre.

The Xynergi organizes and delivers a suite of media processing tools needed for high end audio for video production and in all widely used formats.

Fairlight's Xynergi Media Production Centre has already won a number of prestigious Awards for its design and ergonomics. The system harnesses the processing power of Fairlight's CC-1 digital media engine and incorporates integrated PyxisTrack video and a desktop user interface that allows engineers to access all features and functions of the Fairlight CC-1.

The main reason for choosing the Xynergi was the sound quality and ease of file transfers. We are doing less tape based work and more file based. The new system speeds up the work flow in advertising audio post production. The ability to drag and drop OMF and virtually any video file format onto the timeline and have it ready for instant playback is a massive time saver. There are EQ, limiters and compressors on all channels, groups and everywhere else you can think of. These are quite separate from plug ins, which you can use if you prefer, but once you hear the quality and see the versatility of these features, the plug ins suddenly seem unnecessary.

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